Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Once you have your PCB, you should also have your documents from Endanged Audio... including instructions, schematic, and bill of materials. The one thing currently missing from the documentation is the CV In/Out support. I have some info from Todd at EA that I'll be posting, but if you don't want CV support, all you have to do (and you _have_ to do it!) is add a jumper from CVIN to CVOUT on the PCB.

It seems like a nicely prepared PCB: it is nicely labeled and isn't too compressed -- good for a DIY project.

There are a couple issues that I do have, however.

First, I wish that it had more mounting holes (is that what you call 'em?). Right now, there is only one. The expectation is that the rest of the board will be supported by on-board audio jacks. There's nothing beneath either audio jack, with the exception of the battery ground lead... so, since I'm not using batteries (and they're not recommended) I'll be drilling through both of the audio jack sections later.

Second, I wish there was a 2nd LED to indicate effect on / bypass disabled. There is an LED for the LFO, but I'd really like two LEDs... one for the LFO and one for effect-on, as on Chris Carter's original.

I'm hoping that a future respin of the board will solve my first issue.

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  1. For a true bypass with a LED indicator, I can recommend the Millenium II bypass circuit by R. G Keen. I have used it to good effect.